E.P. Compean Funeral Directors

In your time of grief, we at E.P. Compean Funeral Directors understand and are here to meet your needs. Are family-owned and operated funeral home is managed and operated by Johanna Compean, the daughter of Eddie P. Compean. Johanna has over 10 years of professional experience in helping the needs of people with the loss of their loved one.

Our staff always handles your loved one with care, respect, and dignity that they deserve.

“At E.P. Compean Funeral Directors, our families come first. Our services are always ready to exceed the needs of every family that comes to my funeral home. My professional staff is ready to help and answer all your questions that you may have 24 hours a day. If your family does not choose E.P. Compean Funeral Directors, please call us if you feel that the chosen funeral facility is not answering your questions to your understanding. We are here for you. Our Family Serving Your Family…”

Eddie P. Compean, Owner